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I can’t express how grateful I am to be taking Alicia’s lessons. I’ve been learning with her for over 8 years now. I began as a young beginner with zero experience and even after all these years I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Her teaching style suits everyone from young children to experienced vocalists, and she has taught me a wide variety of genres as well as helped me find my own style. Alicia has also been very patient and able to adjust certain aspects to suit us both. Along with her lessons, Alicia holds mini concerts that have done wonders for my stage presence and confidence. I will be continuing to take lessons for years to come.

— Mikayla Vincent, Student, Airdrie, AB

I have been a student of Alicia’s for multiple years now, and I couldn’t be happier. During my lessons with Alicia, she has worked with me on vocal technique. Her voice coaching is very effective and has helped me grow not only as a vocalist but as a performer. As well, Alicia teaches a wide range of musical genres. This includes classical, musical theatre, and pop. I enjoy this aspect of her classes as it has taught me diversity within my vocal journey. Alicia always finds ways to make her lessons fun and exciting. I highly recommend Alicia’s vocal lessons if you’re looking for a positive step forward in your vocal growth!

— Camryn Cleverley, Student, Airdrie, AB

I had the opportunity to accompany for Alicia’s voice studio and it was a wonderful experience. She is positive, uplifting, and a great teacher. She cares so much about her students and makes sure her lessons are well suited to the student’s goals and personalities. Alicia works hard to make performances positive learning and growing experiences. I loved being a part of the music and having the chance to grow as an accompanist.

— Aneka Draycott, Former Accompanist, Airdrie, AB

My daughter has enjoyed her lessons with Alicia for the past year and a half and she has grown in her skills so much since then. Alicia is kind, encouraging and inspiring and has introduced many varieties of songs to my daughter, including classical, folk, musical theatre and songs in a variety of different languages. Alicia’s attention to detail has greatly improved my daughter’s diction when singing and refined her expression and performance skills. Attending the year end recital last year was a real treat as everyone performed so well and was very skilled.

— Amy Stewart, Parent of Student, Airdrie, AB

William (student): “She’s really kind, positive and helpful, Alicia is nice to work with. I feel happy when I’m working with her. She really is helpful getting me ready for my performances.”

Christine (to Alicia): “William has grown as an individual with your mentorship and gained a lot of confidence. He looks forward to singing with you every week and enjoys practicing at home. You are a real pleasure to work with.”

— Christine Hollands, Parent of Student, Airdrie, AB

Alicia helped my daughter take her voice to the next level. Her warm-up techniques really enhance the quality of her voice. My daughter loves musical theatre and Alicia’s song selection is so fun! I’d highly recommend Alicia for music and voice lessons.

— Robyn Turnbull, Parent of Student, Airdrie, AB

Our son displayed an inner passion for singing and Alicia was able to tap into this and help him develop his vocal skills. She is an amazing teacher who gets incredible results while making the lessons a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

— Robert Jones, Parent of Student, Airdrie, AB

I studied with Alicia for several years and the classical/fundamental training she provided has consistently helped me through university as a studying performer. The lessons always had a feeling of calmness, fun, and joy for making music! She’s the perfect teacher for all levels and ages, ready to provide a unique lesson for each student with their needs. Thank you, Alicia!

— Katherine Bell, Former Student, Los Angeles, California

We have been fortunate to have Alicia teach voice lessons to our daughter for the last several years. Not only has our daughter improved in all areas of her vocal ability, but she always looks forward to her lessons. Alicia is a patient and encouraging instructor, a wonderful mentor, and a talented performer as well. In working with Alicia, our daughter has excelled in areas of musical theatre and festivals. She is more confident in her vocal performances and for auditioning for roles.

If you have a ‘song bird’ in your home that wants to pursue singing to the next level, we highly recommend Alicia. Her passion and dedication to music and singing will inspire you!

— Dana and Bryan Remillard, Parents of Student, Airdrie, AB

Alicia is fantastic. She has a very thorough knowledge of the classical voice technique, and knows a number of different voice techniques which has increased my range, improve my breath support, control, and vocal tone. She’s also very good at interpreting music and can bring to life the story of a song. Alicia is patient, encouraging, inspiring and truly cares about your improvement. From Alicia’s coaching, my singing ability has greatly improved and I have become a more confident singer.

— Michelle Johnston, Student, Airdrie, AB

Alicia has reignited my passion for music. Never have I worked with an instructor who is as accommodating, supportive, understanding, professional, and genuine as Alicia. Regardless of your age or skill level, she will work with you and help you become the best performer that you can be. Lessons are always dedicated to improving personal abilities by working through different pieces of music and Alicia makes every lesson unique and fun. I battle debilitating ADHD, depression, and anxiety, but singing with Alicia has improved my overall mental health and I can honestly say that she is a literal lifesaver. I could not be more grateful for all of Alicia’s support and one of the best decisions that I have ever made was to seek out her services. If you want to learn to sing and/or play piano, I do not think that you will find a better teacher than Alicia.

— Daniel Armstrong, Student, Airdrie, AB

Alicia is an excellent teacher, very kind with the little ones, and great with the teenagers. I heartily recommend her. She has good depth in opera repertoire, and in art songs and lieder. A lovely person too.

— Wilma Bell Wessel, Head of the Voice Department, Conservatory of Performing Arts, U of R, Regina, SK

Alicia is an amazing vocalist who shares her talent through teaching. She customizes lessons to meet the students’ personal goals and interests. Friendly, approachable, and incredibly talented, she makes singing fun! What a privilege to be taught by Alicia.

— Sherelyn, Former Student, Regina, SK

Alicia is a kind, gentle and skilled young woman who loves her craft and shares that with her students. Our daughter loved taking lessons from Alicia and appreciated everything she learned from Alicia. Our daughter always felt appreciated and challenged with Alicia as her teacher.

— Jane Wolf, Parent of Former Student, Regina, SK